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How Senior Home Care Can Help Decrease Stroke Risks Among Seniors

Jul 14, 2017 by Robert Myer

According to the CDC, a person in the US has a stroke every 40 seconds. Nearly 800,000 people each year suffer from strokes, and the odds of seniors having a stroke increase as they age. Lifestyle factors like not getting enough exercise, not maintaining a nutritious diet, and smoking put seniors at an increased risk of having a stroke. If your senior loved one is not doing all they can to decrease their risk of having a stroke, expert senior home care services might be the solution you’ve been looking for. With the one-on-one support from a caregiver your loved one will be able to change their lifestyle and lower their risk of having a stroke.

Lifestyle Changes & Prevention

Harvard University Medical School doctors agree that smoking is the worst thing that seniors can do if they want to avoid a stroke. Smoking restricts blood flow and can encourage the formation of blood clots that can often cause a stroke. However, seniors who have smoked for many years may have a hard time quitting, even if they know that they should. A dedicated senior home care provider can support your senior loved one battle their addiction to smoking by encouraging routine and helping them refocus their energy on healthy decisions and activities instead. In home caregivers can work with your loved one to teach them healthy ways to cope with anxiety that might be causing them to smoke. Often seniors smoke out of boredom. By keeping seniors busy and active home health aides can strive to get your senior loved one on the path to becoming a non-smoker.

Senior Home Care & Physical Activity

Another effective way to prevent a stroke is to ensure that your senior loved one is engaging in adequate amounts of physical activity. Walking and moving around helps keep the blood circulating and can decrease the chance of a blood clot forming. Senior home care providers encourage your loved one to go for, and accompany them on walks, at exercise classes or just running errands out of the house. The more active your senior loved one is the better their chances are for preventing a stroke.


If you have a loved one in Metairie, LA or in the nearby areas, that could benefit from support and encouragement to make healthy lifestyle changes, or that needs assistance with personal care and housekeeping tasks, contact us or call (504) 300-0115 for more information. Comfort Keepers home care services are specially designed to help your loved one live a healthier life and decrease their risk of having a stroke.

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